Why Super Pet?

If you are not an animal lover, you may not ever understand, but our pets are a vital part of our lives. They play with us when we're happy, snuggle with us when we're sad, refuse too leave our side when we're feeling sick, and keep us from feeling lonely. It would be very hard to be as good of a human friend to them as our pets are to us, and for that reason we feel they are SUPER and deserve the best in return!


Does Super Pet Manufacture its own Dog and Cat Food?

No, we are not a manufacturer, we are a retailer. Our job is to research and get behind-the-scenes information on how the pet food we sell is made. We strive to carry the best quality food that is also affordable for everyone. We would never carry anything that we would not give to our own animals.


What do "Fair Prices" mean?

We believe that fair pricing is keeping prices inline with other retailers, and you will find that Super Pet often has the lowest available prices on many items. We also believe that fair pricing is consistency. There are many retailers in the pet industry that try to lure you with huge sales, but what you find most of the time is that the sale price is what they should be charging everyday. We do have a great rewards program to show how much we love our regulars, however you'll find we don't do many sales or offer many other discounts.  That's because we sell our products at the lowest prices we can everyday. So you can stop in on your schedule, not ours, and know that you're not paying more than someone did last week, or will next week. We can't guarantee that you'll never see something we sell at a lower price, but know that it won't happen often.


Do you have Military and Senior Citizen discounts?

This really goes back to the fair pricing. We love our seniors and military personnel and have nothing but respect for the sacrifice you are making and what you do for all of us. We also feel the same way about our everyday heroes like police, EMT, doctors, nurses, teachers, firefighters, and everyone who gets up everyday to make life better for themselves and other citizens of our great country.